# DublinBet USA

DublinBet is not accepting US players. Whether you are from Florida or Illinois, the access to DublinBet.com will be blocked or you will not be able to register to DublinBet online.

DublinBet is regulated by Malta and powered by Distance Gaming casino games. Both Malta and Distance Gaming do not accept citizens from the United States of America.

DublinBet official position

I sent an email to the DublinBet support to get a clear explanation. Here is their answer :

Unfortunately we cannot accept customers from the USA, due to US regulations.

Only customers registered with a non-USA address, and transacting from a non-USA IP address, using a non-USA payment facility are able to transact successfully.

All of our payment services will likewise reject any attempt to transact with Gambling sites, from the USA.

You can, however, play for fun on our site indefinitely, and should the laws change and allow us to accept US based financial players, we will let you know.

Why does DublinBet not accept US players?

As part of the US gambling law, DublinBet preferred to step back from the US Markets. However, some online casinos still continue to accept US citizens. Check our top 3 US Casinos.

Can we play to DublinBet while we are outside the US?

Technically, you could play to DublinBet if you signed up from abroad. For instance if you are in vacation in Indonesia or in South Africa, you could play to DublinBet while you drink your Caipirihna. However, you should not use a US address and an american credit card (from Wells Fargo for instance).

Use a VPN to play on DublinBet?

This is the same problem as "signing-up from abroad". You could use a VPN to play to DublinBet, but you would need to have a real address outside of the US (with rent receipt at your name for instance). If you have a cousin abroad, for instance in the Australia, it could work. Otherwise, in case you win a $3,000,000 jackpot, DublinBet could block your funds..

Which online casino accept US Players?

We know that Bovada is currently accepting US citizens. It is powered by Top Game software and offers a nice welcome bonus.


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